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Top 3 Creative Brand Activations hosted at MasterPeace

Top 3 Creative Brand Activations hosted at MasterPeace
Bombay Sapphire at MasterPeace London, 2022

What is a Brand Activation and why are they so important?

At MasterPeace we understand the exciting and high-impact role that 'Brand Activations' have on our corporate partners' overarching marketing strategies.

A 'Brand Activation' is an interactive experience designed by marketeers to engage their target consumer with their brand, product or service. Sometimes this is referred to as 'experiential' or 'guerilla' marketing.

Brand Activations can be an incredibly high impact and memorable way of creating a lasting impression and positive brand affinity with your brand's community.

In addition, Brand Activations can generate value far beyond the experience itself, often producing lots of beneficial organic marketing content and media attention.

Top 5 Brand Activation Best Practices:

When designing your Brand Activation with MasterPeace, we know you will be looking to ensure your campaign aligns to industry best practice. Your Brand Activation should help to:

  1. Cultivate a deeper relationship with your customer by offering a unique, memorable, and emotive experience - ensuring a longer lasting impact than can be possible through other traditional marketing channels
  2. Ensure your Brand Activation generates an immediate potential sales returns by connecting it directly to a new product launch or featured item
  3. Gather first hand customer feedback about your product and your brand through qualitative insights gathered on the day
  4. Bring your brand identity and values to life by reflecting brand attributes in your chosen venue, experience and catering
  5. Generate organic social media content or media interest with an original angle on your brand, product or service

Top 3 Brand Activation Case Studies hosted at MasterPeace, London

  1. Bombay Sapphire: 'Art of Surprise' Consumer Experiences

Bombay Sapphire is a brand with creativity at its heart and a long-standing affiliation with the arts; from a Thomas Heatherwick designed distillery to partnering with Tracy Emin.

As a brand, Bombay Sapphire believe that creativity comes when you’re outside of your comfort zone. With this in mind, Bombay Sapphire worked with MasterPeace to curate a series of five publically ticketed events running throughout June and into July of 2022.

In a bid to encourage guests to try something new, the classes were booked by customers as a ‘surprise’, with the exact format revealed just 24hrs before. These included twists on our:

  • Paint your own Photo experience: using our personal projectors, guests painted photos themed around Bombay Cocktails
  • Inks experience: working with a branded colour palette, guests used inks to create their own abstract pieces in ink
  • Paint like Pollock: again with branded colours, guests flicked, splatted paint to create their own abstract piece

All guests were be greeted with a Bombay Sapphire & Tonic cocktail at the Bombay Sapphire Bar built especially for the event series at the MasterPeace studio. Guests were invited to spin the Bombay Wheel of unique and delicious tonic and garnish combos.

The event series received coverage in All In London, Cosmo, and more. It additionally welcomed 14 social media influencers like  @ItsJoeyYu, @DFmarin who each went on to publsih quality content across there platforms.

From booking through to the session things ran seamlessly - Chesca and the team went over and above to accommodate our needs. It was an absolute hit with the client and a brilliant place to show off - beautiful location, fun and light hearted but still really elegant. Thank you so much!

2. Ren Skincare: Product Launch for Media

Ren Skincare is a beauty brand passionate about kind, clean, natural skincare rituals. To launch their Evercalm Elixir range, we organised a bespoke MasterPeace Terrarium experience, where we helped 24 members of press and media create their own balanced living ecosystems, all contained in a gorgeous jar. This helped bring to life some concepts of water and hydration balance in skincare, drawing parallels to the balance required in a self-sustaining terrarium.

MasterPeace felt like the one-stop shop. We could access a central London venue, a unique and memorable creative experience, and catering, all through our event coordinator Zena. The studio looked stunning and the client was delighted.

3. Nails Inc: Fruity Collection Product Launch

To launch Nails Inc's Fruity Collection, MasterPeace organised a bespoke life drawing experience for members of press and media. Our gorgeous life models were adorned with freshly cut fruit and guests were guided by a professional artist through their drawing experience. This event was set alongside delicious fruity brunch drinks and canapes leaving media feeling nourished and inspired.  

Nails inc at MasterPeace Life Drawing Experience

Book your Brand Activation at MasterPeace

Brand activations at MasterPeace start at just £28+VAT per guest. Our stunning central London venue is just moments from Victoria train station, and set against a beautiful Belgravia backdrop. We can support you with creative experiences of all kinds, as well as catering and other event management support. Get in touch here.

Written by MasterPeace founder Zena El Farra

August 2022